Andy Jennings 


         “....let faith be my shield and let joy be my steed, ‘gainst the dragons of anger and the ogres of greed

        and let me set free with the sword of  my youth, from the castle of darkness, the power of truth.”





Enchanting stories vividly brought to life with energy and enthusiasm for children of all ages in a relaxed, secure setting.             


Whether as a storyteller or a medieval re-enactor, or at times both, Andy brings enthusiasm and entertainment to his audiences.  An experienced performer Andy has toured with the Albion Shakespeare Company, been involved with Theatre-in Education workshops and living history groups.


Andy has been a part of Essex Storytellers’ performances for the past  five years, contributing to the writing and shaping of major projects.  In group performances his energetic, theatrical style of telling compliments the more austere, classic style of Carl and Jan. Always well researched and thought out, Andy’s sections of each performance seem to come from a deep sense of what is at the core of each tale or historical event





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Andy bounds with the love of the well told tale and his background is that of the professional actor. Andy brings an unbounded enthusiasm and good humour to the group. His colourful performances have enlivened many historical re-enactments and the storytelling tent at