Programmes for adult performances.



Over the past ten years the members of Essex Storytellers have performed many one off engagements as well as producing interesting and exciting adult tellings based around aspects of Essex history. In venues as varied as Ely Cathedral, Prittlewell Priory Museum, Northey Island and The Little Theatre Sheringham; together with visits to libraries for The Essex Book Festival they have entertained and intrigued audiences. Programmes can be chosen from the list below, specially commissioned or, for a one off event negotiated between you and the storytellers. Given sufficient notice Essex Storytellers are prepared to tailor make a storytelling event to suit your individual needs.


Possible Programmes include:



The Story of the Battle of Maldon.

Based on the original poem but

made understandable for a modern audience.


Scratching The Surface

A two hour performance based around the excavation of the burial mound on Mersea Island. This piece includes Celtic tales, Roman myths as well as historical     information around “the dig”.


A Green Mist Rising

This piece tells the tale of the witch trials which 

took place in Essex during the year 1645. Taking the 

events surrounding the women from Manningtree who were accused of witchcraft as the starting point a sad and moving account of their suffering is interwoven with folk tales of the devil and strange events.


Canterbury Tales ( Carl and Andy)

A selection of some of our favourite tales from Chaucer’s masterpiece. Revel in the earthy humour of “The Miller’s Tale”. Discover what it is that women most desire from “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. Or discover what happens when a corrupt man meets a devil in “The Friar’s Tale” together with other stories and characters.


Tales of East Anglia

From the fens and forests. From the fields and villages Essex Storytellers take you to a time of bogles and boggarts; fairies and witches; wise women and dark doings. All the stories in this programme are drawn from the rich vein of  East Anglian folklore, where alongside the world in which we live there exists another world more strange than could possibly be imagined.



Brave Men and Clever Women

Drawn from Celtic and other mythologies this programme shows how the old tales sometimes depict men and women. Heroes stride confidently through the tales with both might, and occasionally right riding on their shoulders. Women use other means to achieve their purposes. Where there is less physical strength, there is often more wit and guile. In the sweep of these tales you will find amusement and wonder