Programmes for Schools



Essex Storytellers have visited many schools in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and beyond both as individuals and as a group. Pupils and teachers alike look forward to their visits as each visit brings new stories or interesting workshops. Repeat visits are common. Workshops are conducted in a calm and friendly manner and are planned carfully by the group prior to their visit.


You may choose to pick one of the programmes listed below; you may choose to leave the choice of stories to the storyteller, or you may choose a theme to fit in with your curriculum. Given sufficient notice Essex Storytellers are able to tailor make a storytelling

programme to suit the needs of your school.


A Small Selection of Possible Programmes:


The Magic Eye

Stories which take your pupils into the otherworld of the imagination. Strange creatures and magical beings inhabit this world.


A World of Stories

A programme of tales from around the world. A multi-cultural view of the world. This programme may be based around a chosen theme or have the wider brief of introducing pupils to other cultures.



A Tales Which Explain the World

The Creation stories. Another multi-cultural programme in which we explore together how the world came to be the way it is. How did we get fire? Why has the rabbit got long ears? Tales of stars, sun and moon, and other natural aspects of our world. 


Canterbury Tales ( Carl and Andy)

Suitable only for Year 10 and above. A selection of some of our favourite tales from Chaucer’s masterpiece. “The Miller’s Tale”, "The Reeve's Tale", “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. "The Pardoner's Tale", “The Friar’s Tale” and "The Summoner's Tale" are currently in the repertoire. This programme can also come with a short introduction to Chaucer's life and times.


Tales of East Anglia

From the fens and forests. From the fields and villages Essex Storytellers take you to a time of bogles and boggarts; fairies and witches; wise women and dark doings. All the stories in this programme are drawn from the rich vein of  East Anglian folklore, where alongside the world in which we live there exists another world more strange than could possibly be imagined.



Brave Men and Clever Women

Drawn from Celtic and other mythologies this programme shows how the old tales sometimes depict men and women. Heroes stride confidently through the tales with both might, and occasionally right riding on their shoulders. Women use other means to achieve their purposes. Where there is less physical strength, there is often more wit and guile. In the sweep of these tales you will find amusement and wonder.


Kings, Princesses and the Youngest Son

Stories of a time long past and a time that maybe never was. Classic stories of bravery, cunning, love and greed to take all ages back to their childhood.